Wedding Photography F.A.Q.

Wedding Photography – Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know what questions to ask your wedding photographer?

Here are some of the questions I get asked on a regular basis when couples come to see me.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do you have insurance.

A: Yes, Public Liability and Personal Indemnity.

Q: What happens if you are unwell on our wedding day.

A: Because of my association with the SWPP, MPA & BIPP between us we can find a photographer of equal ability to cover your wedding should I not be well on your wedding day.

Q: Do you have backup equipment.

A: Yes, I use three professional camera bodies and up to six lenses and flashguns etc.

Q: What happens if the weather is bad on our wedding day.

A: I always carry studio lighting equipment should we need to photograph inside the wedding venue. That way it is still possible to get nice wedding photos.

Q: Do you require food.

A: Unlike some wedding photographers I do not insist on being fed, but if you are happy to supply me with a meal it will be gratefully accepted.

Q: What are your hours.

A: I normally start about two hours before the wedding and stay up to and including the first dance, a little later if the party really gets going. This is normally around eight to ten hours coverage. However, if things run over that will not be a problem, I completely understand how this can happen at a wedding.

Q: How many photos will I get.

A: If you hire me for the full day you will get a minimum of five hundred photos, but there is no limit. However, I much prefer quality over quantity.

Q: How soon will we get our photos.

A: Depending on the time of year normally about two weeks after your wedding day. This can stretch out to three weeks in high summer.

Q: Do you have a backup procedure.

A: Yes, all the images are backed up on numerous hard drives and also on cloud storage.

Q: Are the photographs retouched.

A: Basic retouching of key images is included within the price quoted. This includes things like removing skin blemishes, replacing closed eyes with open where possible, artistic finishing, etc. However, more complex retouching or digital manipulation is available to the client as an optional extra.

Q: Can we copy and print the photographs.

A: Yes, you will have full rights to copy and print the photographs as you wish. The only thing you cannot do is give them to another photograph to use as their own, or sell them to a publication without my permission. That normally only applies to celebrity weddings.

Q: Do you have any photography qualifications.

Yes, I am qualified to Licentiate level with the three biggest photography bodies in the UK, the SWPP, BIPP and MPA.

Q: What is your wedding photography style?

I would describe myself as a Traditional Wedding Photographer with a Contemporary feel. I can also photograph Documentary or Reportage  style if that is what you would prefer.

Q: Will you be smartly dressed on my wedding day?

I sometimes wear a suit, but more recently more like smart casual as I sometimes have to get on the floor or stand in muddy patches to get great shots. You wouldn’t believe how many suits I have ruined over the years.

Please do not be afraid to ask a question, there are no silly questions and I will be only too pleased to help allay any fears or misgivings you might have. For information about the services I provide please visit the “Pricing” page of this website. To find out a little bit more about me please go to my “About” page.