Samantha and Kyle’s Fun Wedding

Samantha and Kyle’s Fun Wedding

Samantha & Kyle

Barry Paffey
May 21, 2021

A very small world.

Unlike the majority of my other wedding blog posts that just tend to ramble on, there is a bit of a story to this one. You see, Samantha had a very distinctive surname that was the same as a colleague of mine who worked alongside me back in the day when I was an aircraft engineer at Stansted Airport. However, I never took the opportunity to ask Samantha before her wedding day if Andy, the guy I knew, was her Dad? Therefore, it was no surprise that when I was doing the bridal prep photographs at Samantha and Kyle’s home and happened to mention that I might know Samantha’s Dad that Samantha confirmed to me that her Dad was indeed Andy!

We kept it quiet and when Andy arrived to escort his beautiful daughter to the church and saw me behind the camera you can imagine his surprise! As it turned out, Andy had recommended me to Samantha and Kyle, but they simply said they had booked a wedding photographer without mentioning my name, so the pair of them were none the wiser.

Church Wedding

Samantha and Kyle were married in the lovely St Marys Church, Bocking, near Braintree in Essex. It was a bit of a dull and overcast day, in fact, we even had a little shower of rain shortly after the service. However, nothing could dampen the spirits and happiness of the couple and all who attended their wedding; and there were a lot of family and friends.

Unlike some I have witnessed, this was a really happy church service with a fun vicar who couldn’t have been more helpful and obliging to me and the photographs I wanted to capture

Bocking Village Hall

After the church service, which was quite a late one at 5pm, there was just enough time to get some formal group photographs with family and friends and few more intimate ones with Samantha and Kyle alone. Then it was time to head off back to the reception at Bocking Village Hall. The hall was packed to the rafters with the couple’s extensive family and friends and it wasn’t long before we were all laughing our heads off to the fantastic speeches!

I cannot emphasise enough how happy and friendly this wedding was, just how they should be. With such a late wedding, it was difficult for me to get all the shots I wanted, but I think I captured the spirit and feeling of the day, and for that I’m really happy. I have cheekily used one of the shots of Samantha and Kyle as the hero image on the front page of my website because it sums up the kind of wedding photography I love to do. Weddings should be fun and memorable occasions and really hope I’ve captured some memorable images for Samantha and Kyle to look back on when they are both old and grey.

bride having her makeup done
wedding dress on its hanger
First look by Dad as daughter is about to get married
back of wedding dress
thoughtful looking bride
bride and two bridesmaids
groom wedding photo
a groom looking cool
bride and her bridesmaids in a camper van
bridal party arriving at the church
bride with Dad walking into church
bride and groom photographed from behind in church
laughing bride during wedding service
black and white photo of bride and groom kissing
bride and groom during confetti shower
bride and groom under umbrellas
bride and groom in front of church
just married bride and groom
bride and groom by wedding camper van
happy bride and groom inside wedding camper van
bride and groom looking through front windows of camper van
happy bride and bridesmaids
wedding first dance
wedding reception fun
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