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Welcome to my blog which is devoted entirely to, you guessed it, wedding photography.  On this blog you will see a few photos from many of the weddings I photograph along with a brief description of how the day went. You can also get some idea of what the wedding venues are like which may help you choose the right place for you? I also often photograph couples prior to their weddings as a way for of getting to know each other, so look out for a few photographs from those shoots.

Although I will featuring lots of lovely photographs I will not being going into to detail on the technical side of things. So if you are a camera enthusiast or photography geek like me, I’m sorry, this blog might not be for you? However, if you do see an image you like and would like to know how I captured it please feel free to leave a comment and I will be only too pleased to fill you in on the details.

For more information about my wedding photography and to see more examples of my work please visit the following links.

Thanks for looking.