How much does wedding photography cost?

How much does wedding photography cost?

Barry Paffey
December 6, 2020

How much should you spend on a wedding photographer?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. However, the answer tends to be on average around £1500, depending on what wedding related publication you look at. These averages are based on a full day of wedding photography or videography. To the majority of people that may sound expensive? The question you maybe should be asking is; what is more important, flowers that only last for a day, a cake that gets eaten never to be remembered or photographs that will last a lifetime.

Wedding Items and Services

When you think of all the items and services you purchase for your wedding that last for just one day and how much they cost, then spending something like £1500 on wedding photography doesn’t seem that bad value. After all, your wedding photographs will last a lifetime. Your children and generations to follow will take great comfort from the fact that you decided to hire a professional wedding photographer. Of course that only really applies if you also purchased an album, because who knows how digital files will last?

Photos Last Forever

How much should you budget?

Couples often ask whether wedding photography is worth such a large investment when actually on the big day itself, there is little or nothing to show for it. Only you can decide that, but what I can do is give you an idea of what your money is being spent on, and how much energy, time and money I have invested in order to give you great memories.

What costs are involved?

The obvious costs are things like equipment, cameras, flash guns, reflectors etc. However, the not so obvious are the years of training, practice and perfecting the art of wedding photography to get images that friends and family just cannot with smart phones. There are vehicles, insurance, (business and public liability) computers, storage/backup (for all those digital files), time spent editing and getting rid of all those annoying pimples that suddenly appear on your wedding day.

The list is endless and one thing you never stop doing is learning and bringing all that knowledge to the next wedding.

Wedding Photography Pricing

Just because a person owns

Just because someone owns a fantastic camera doesn’t make them a photographer. So when you see a full day of wedding photography being offered for as little as £250, something I have seen in my area. Think again before you book that person. They may well be the best photographer since the wheel was invented, but it’s more likely they are just trying to make a few extra pounds on the side at your expense.

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