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Stock Brook Manor is a very popular Essex Wedding Venue and rightly so, as it’s simply ideal for weddings and large functions. It also has an added advantage for me, as it’s within walking distance of my home in Billericay. Recently I photographed the wedding of Andrea and Brian there and what a superb day it was. The weather was almost perfect, the bride, groom, bride’s maids, best men and ushers looked fantastic and the atmosphere was full of love. Andrea and Brian are a wonderful couple who are obviously madly in love and full of affection for each other, which I’m sure comes out in the photos. I even spotted a few tears here and there, even from Brian, which is always a great sign of the emotion involved. I couldn’t write about this wedding without mentioning the speeches. I hear lots of speeches and these were certainly second to none and had me crying with laughter, so, so funny; I do hope someone recorded them. From a photography point of view I mentioned that the weather was ‘almost perfect’ the only slight problem was the brilliant sunshine which made it awkward to avoid people squinting in photos. Luckily Stock Brook has lots of great location to help photographers like find shade or spots where people do not have to face the sun.

The very experienced staff at Stock Brook were, as ever, extremely helpful and on hand at all times to serve the guests and make for a very pleasurable day. Andrea and Brian were very kind to pay for a three-course meal for me, something I do not insist on, but always nice when offered. The food was excellent; Stock Brook is definitely one of the best places I have visited for food and you will love it.

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