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Michelle and Simon – Ingatestone Hall

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Ingatestone Hall

There are some great Wedding Venues in Essex and none more so than Ingatestone Hall. The Hall stands in open countryside, one mile from the village of Ingatestone and substantially retains its original Tudor form and appearance with its mullioned windows, high chimneys, crowstep gables and oak-panelled rooms and is surrounded by ten acres of enclosed gardens comprising extensive lawns, walled garden and stew pond.

There are numerous places in and around this great house that are simply perfect for wedding photography, especially when you have a lovely looking bride and groom like Michelle and Simon. Saturday however presented quite a few problems as we were treated to some torrential rain in the morning and early afternoon, then just as the bride arrived the sun came out. Photography in the hall also poses a few problems in that it’s quite dark and lit with an array of different light types which when mixed with daylight coming through the windows makes for a few peculiar colour casts. Despite the various problems with the weather and lighting conditions I can’t wait to go back there again and explore more all the great possibilities this place has for wedding photographs.

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