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Crowne Plaza Resort Colchester Weddings seem to be very popular and recently I photographed the wedding of Angela and Anthony there. The day started off at the couples home in Tiptree, Essex which is just a few miles from the Crowne Plaza formally known as Five Lakes. I photographed Angela and her bridesmaids as they prepared for the big day and as can be seen from the photographs all are very beautiful making it relatively easy for me to capture some great shots.

From the couples home I moved onto the church to photograph Anthony, the best man and ushers etc. The couple were married at St Luke’s Church in Tiptree which is quite light and airy making it possible to photograph without the use of flash. However I was under strict orders not to photograph during the ceremony which I kind of adhered to just sneaking a few in during the hymns; well, rules are meant to be broken.

It’s just a short journey from Tiptree to the Crowne Plaza Resort which is basically a modern hotel complex set in the middle of a very large golf course. The hotel were kind enough to lend us a golf cart and driver so that we could take the couple onto the golf course for some photographs. The golf course is very well kept and there are lots of nice backdrops ideally suited to wedding photography. Close to the hotel there are lovely gardens and green spaces just perfect for the formal photographs and I have included a few in the photographs below. Special mention must be made to the hotel foyer which has some fantastic spots for some stylish wedding photos. The great thing about this wedding venue is that there is plenty of room so it’s always possible to find space for photographs. Angela and Anthony were kind enough to pay for a meal for my assistant and me, on this occasion my daughter Candice, so I can say from experience that the food is good there to. All in all this was a lovely wedding with a lovely couple and I’m really happy with the photographs, a few of which can be seen below:

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  1. What a wonderful selection, Barry. Was a pleasure to have met you and thanks once again for the photos :)

  2. Beautiful photos, lovely seeing the end result to my work! Nice meeting you! ;)

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