Dillington House Somerset

Dillington House Somerset

Dillington House Wedding Photography

Barry Paffey
October 19, 2022

It was my absolute pleasure to photograph the wedding of Nicki and Craig at a new wedding venue for me, Dillington House in Somerset. Having met the couple on several occasions I knew this was going to be a fun day and boy, I was not disappointed. Hopefully, you can see from the photographs how happy these two were to be getting married. In fact, I got so carried away with taking photographs I was flabbergasted by how many I had to go through and edit after the wedding but, it was all worth it.


Dillington House is a stunning wedding venue, I know that is said a lot about places but this one certainly is. Set in the beautiful Somerset countryside, not far from Ilminster, you couldn’t ask for a better location and backdrop for a wedding. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and the food is second to none. Thanks again to Nicki and Craig for providing me with a meal, it was delicious!


I was pleased to be joined at the wedding by Roger, AKA The Wedding Guy, who acted as Celebrant, Toastmaster and Wedding DG.  I cannot recommend Roger enough, such a fun and helpful man, no wedding should be without him.


Getting back to Nicki and Craigs wedding photographs. The couple both said they were not too comfortable with having their pictures taken so I was acutely aware not to overwhelm them with photography. I tried to keep it quite relaxed and informal with not too much posing going on.  Not everyone is a model and knows how to stand exactly how you want them, so I find just three or four simple setups does the trick and we get lovely photographs.


Finally, here's part of the email the couple sent me when they received their photographs:

Hi Barry,


We have just downloaded our photos - they are fantastic! Thank you so much! You’ve captured every aspect of the day and much more than we were expecting!


Need I say anymore.

photo of Craig the groom on his wedding day at Dillington House
photo of Nicki the bride on her wedding day at Dillington House getting ready
bride with her wedding bouquet at Dillington House, Somerset
bride and her bridesmaids having fun during preparations
bride and two bridesmaids with their wedding bouquets
black and white photograph of the bride on the stairs at Dillington House
brdie and groom getting married at Dillington House
Bride and groom having their first kiss
confetti shower of bride and groom at Dillington House
friend embracing bride on her wedding day
image of guest at a wedding outside Dillington House
Large group photograph of wedding at Dillington House
Black and white photograph of bride and groom
wedding photograph featuring the bride and groom
bride and groom looking at each other romantically
bride and groom walking along a path at Dillington House
Bride and groom on steps with Dillington House in the background
bride and groom posing in a beautiful garden
photo of the a bride and groom with the Somerset countryside in the background
wedding reception at Dillington House, Somerset
groom giving his speech at Dillington House
Bride and groom cutting their wedding cake
bride and groom at their wedding doing the first dance
bride and groom having fun during the first dance
specially choreographed wedding first dance at Dillington House
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