Avoid a Bad Wedding Day

Avoid a Bad Wedding Day

Avoid a bad wedding day

Here are a few tips on how to avoid a bad wedding day. After years of experience and more than four hundred weddings photographed I think I have seen and experienced just about everything that can go wrong at a wedding.

  1. Always buy from reputable wedding suppliers, someone that has been in the business for a few years and at the very least has some testimonials on their website and maybe some good Google or Facebook reviews. I have known of wedding cars not turning up on the day, photographers, make-up artists and cake suppliers; so check them out!
  2. Try to start looking for wedding suppliers at least a year in advance of your proposed wedding date. The best ones always get booked up early, so it’s best to get in there quick to avoid disappointment.
  3. Once you have started booking , or even before, be sure to purchase some wedding insurance. This doesn’t cost much and is well worth the extra expense should something unforeseen happen, on or before your wedding day.
  4. Prepare a check-list of things to remember on your wedding day and print several copies. I once turned up to a wedding where the groom had forgotten the wedding rings and it was too late to go back for them. They ended up borrowing their parents rings to get married. Rest assured, the bride was not very happy!
  5. Always, always check that the wedding dress, suits, bridesmaids dresses fit before the wedding day. I remember one particular wedding where the bride had to be sewn into her dress because the zip broke. She was nearly an hour late for the ceremony.
  6. Make sure you know what each of you guests would like to eat at the wedding breakfast. Recently I did a wedding where the bride and groom chose for their guests and there were three options on the menu. Imagine the surprise of the venue when people were saying can I have the other option when they had catered for the exact number of guests at the wedding; it didn’t go down well with the venue or the wedding guests.
  7. Please make sure you allow enough time for the photographer to get the photographs you have asked for, especially if you request a lot of formal photographs. On average it takes about two minutes per formal picture request to set up and shoot. Also, take into account the amount of day light available and time between ceremony and wedding breakfast.
  8. Make sure your chosen photographer has public liability and personal indemnity insurance. A lot of wedding venues will also want a copy of this insurance before they allow them to work.
  9. It is not always possible but where possible please try to avoid being late! This can cause a lot of stress for people like the wedding registrar, who may have another wedding to attend, the photographer who want’s to get some nice pictures in a limited amount of time, and caterers who want to serve nice food that isn’t over cooked! Twice this year I have attended weddings where the bride was nearly an hour late and it caused all kinds of havoc.
  10. If possible, hire a wedding venue that can cope with bad weather days, especially here in the UK. I once ruined a brand new pair of shoes whilst photographing wedding reception in a marquee at the bottom of a small hill during hours of torrential rain!

Have a Fantastic Wedding Day

There is probably lots more I could say on this subject, but that’s enough to be getting on with for now. You or your parents are going to be investing an awful lot into this special day, so please take the time to plan ahead and above all, enjoy your wedding day!

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