Meet Essex Wedding Photographer Barry Paffey

Hi I’m Barry, a wedding photographer living and working from home in Billericay, Essex. I have been interested in photography and all its forms for longer than I care to say. About ten years ago I set myself a goal to turn my interest in photography and in particular, wedding photography into a full time career. For about seven years now it has been my only form of income and I haven’t looked back. Having now photographed more than four hundred weddings across Essex and the surrounding counties I consider myself to be very an experienced wedding photographer. I am a qualified member MPA (Master Photographers Association) and the SWPP (Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers). I also have a Licentiate qualification with of the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography). In 2014 I won the London and Essex Professional Photography Group Photographer of the Year Award.

To be honest it really doesn’t matter whether I have any qualifications or not. What really matters is if you like my work or not?

You have probably noticed that your friends take great pictures of you, that’s because you trust them and that’s how I approach my photography, by being someone that you can trust!

Below is a slideshow of my favourite images from just one wedding. If your are viewing this at work you may want to turn the sound down on your computer. Also, you can find lots more examples of my work by going to my wedding photography blog.

Barry Paffey

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This is a simple but beautiful picture of Jenny a bride whose wedding I photographed back in August of 2016 at Parklands, Quendon Hal. It is a prime example of my wedding photography style just using natural window light to light the subject in a gentle and flattering manner. I have not asked the bride to give me a smile or pose in an certain way but simply to look out of the window at something in the distance. I am a firm believer that if you ask non models to pose for you it makes them feel uncomfortable and that then come across in the picture you get. I try not to complicate matters and stress people out to get the picture I want.

essex wedding photographer barry paffey

This is a very different image of Carly and her bridesmaids laughing at one of my jokes, which is funny in itself as my jokes are terrible! If I can, I try to add a bit of humor to my photography, again to try and relax and put my subjects at ease to really capture the moment and get some more natural pictures. Obviously the girl on the right didn’t really like or get my joke, you can’t win them all. The picture was taken at Carly and James wedding at Gaynes Park, Epping last year.people out to get the picture I want.

bride and bridesmaids laughing

This is Billie and Tom whose wedding I photographed last year at Friern Manor enjoying sneaky kiss just before joining their guest for the wedding reception. I wanted to get a picture of the couple just walking away from me with the lovely wedding dress and veil flowing behind Billie. Well I got that but with the added bonus of the couple kissing. Pure documentary wedding photographers love this kind of image and rightly so as it’s completely un-posed and natural.

bride and groom kissing

What makes a wedding photographer click….

Being a Wedding Photographer is without doubt one of the best jobs in the world and photographing weddings is a fantastic privilege. Seeing brides, and sometimes grooms, with a tear in their eye after viewing their wedding photos gives me an immense feeling of pride that you just don’t get in most other professions; well not the ones I have been involved with. As for the future I am always looking to improve and find new and innovative ways to create fantastic images. I regularly attend seminars with some of the top trainers in the wedding photography business and I am a firm believer that you are never too old to learn something new or try something different.

Finally, the only real way to see how passionate I am about wedding photography is to meet me. So if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Essex or for that matter anywhere in the south east please do arrange a consultation, I am not pushy and you will not be forced into something you not entirely happy with; I really am a really friendly guy.