Wedding Photography Prices

I get a lot of inquiries about wedding photography at this time of the year and I’ve noticed a slightly disturbing trend where by people seem more concerned about the price than the photography and for that matter the photographer. We all know how difficult times are these days and I have some sympathy for couples, some of whom I know have very limited budgets, trying to balance all the different costs that go to make up a wedding. However, I’m starting to get the feeling that the photography is getting pushed a lot lower down the ladder of importance. I do appreciate there are lots of photographers out there and some do offer ridiculously low prices to cover weddings, but you have to ask yourself just how good can they be if they value their photography so cheaply.

To me the most important thing is the relationship between client and photographer. Do the clients feel comfortable with their photographer, do they like there work, is there some kind of chemistry, do they like his or her style, are the albums what they would like, the list goes on, but the last thing on the list should be price. Remember a wedding is one of the most important days of our lives and the only thing that will really last apart from our memories is the photography. So whether you book me or anyone of the thousands of photographers out there please make sure, not only that you get value for money, but that you really like the person and the product you choose.

  • sharon Mallinson - Good point well made Barry – was thinking of putting something similar on my blog!

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