Newland Hall Weddings seem to be very popular and this time it was the turn of Carly and Danny to be married there. This is a very nice Essex Wedding Venue which benefits greatly from the very experienced and helpful staff that work there. We were treated to some lovely weather which meant the ceremony was held outside; my first outdoor wedding of the year so bad has the weather been to date. On this occasion I was ably assisted by my friend and photographer Tracy Sinclair who acted as my second shooter to capture more reportage/candid type photographs and to assist with the formal photographs etc. Carly and her bridesmaids prepared for the wedding at Channels Lodge, Chelmsford and were driven to Newland Hall in a lovely vintage Rolls Royce. Tracy and I photographed the bridal preparations before moving onto Newland Hall for pictures of the groom, best man and ushers. The couple were married a lavishly decorated gazebo which is set in the beautiful gardens of Newland Hall. There are some fantastic settings in and around Newland Hall that make for some lovely backdrops for wedding photography, some of which are featured in the photographs below. Carly and Danny were kind enough to treat Tracy and me to a meal which, as always from this venue, was simply delicious. To top the day off the bride, groom and guests were treated to a very spectacular fireworks display.

  • Essex Wedding Venue - All Wedding Venue Pictures are really sunning And Specially the gray scale pictures are looking so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this Nice and Beautiful Pictures.

  • Essex Wedding Venue - All%20Wedding%20Venue%20Pictures%20are%20really%20sunning%20And%20Specially%20the%20gray%20scale%20pictures%20are%20looking%20so%20beautiful.%20Thanks%20for%20sharing%20this%20Nice%20and%20Beautiful%20Pictures.

Recently I photographed the wedding of Sarah and Daryl at The Old Rectory, Dunton, which is just outside of Basildon in Essex. The Old Rectory is one of the most popular Essex Wedding Venues I have ever had the pleasure to visit and after this lovely wedding I certainly hope I am back there again soon. The staff are very experienced and helpful and the food is excellent.  The gardens are well maintained and have some great spots for wedding photographs.

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Essex Wedding Venue Parklands was the location for my first wedding of 2012 for a lovely couple from Chelmsford called Maxine and Ben. Maxine and Ben had chosen Parklands for its quality of service and the ability to cater for everything under one roof. Added to the fact that it boasts some great interior architecture and fantastic grounds makes this the perfect place for  a wedding and Wedding Photography in Essex. On this occasion I was assisted by Claire who has helped me with many weddings now, acting as a second shooter, bag carrier and human stand for reflectors and flash guns etc. I have included some of Claire’s photographs in the gallery below as she has a great eye for minor detail, such as the flowers, shoes and jewelry, most of which were photographed by her. Claire also shot lots of the candid/reportage photographs that go together to make a good record of the wedding day. As you can see from some of the photographs there was the odd patch of snow still on the ground from the previous weeks arctic weather conditions and the lovely fountain and pond in the front garden was partially frozen over. However, despite the cold weather will still managed to get lots of group photographs in front of the main house and the couple were more than happy to explore the many great locations outside and in that go to make up Parklands.

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  • Essex Wedding Venue - All work of photography is really awesome and The Collection of Pictures is really stunning. Thanks for sharing.

Recently I photographed the wedding of Wendy and Tony at Parklands, Quendon Hall near Bishops Stortford on the Essex/Hertfordshire boarder. This was a real wintery affair with the wind blowing a gale across the lovely Essex countryside and grounds of this prestigious Essex Wedding Venue. Fortunately despite the bad weather we still manage to capture the main group shot from the window of an upstairs bedroom which overlooks the beautiful fountain and pond of the main garden. The other wedding photographs were taken inside Parklands which lends itself well to photography no matter what the weather is. I always take studio lights with me on wedding assignments which is especially important in winter when the weather in this country can often be quite bad. There is plenty of room within Parklands for even quite large group shots and lots of special nooks and crannies for wedding photography portraiture. Wedding photography at this time of the year presents all kinds of problems not just with the weather but also with the amount of daylight and time available to fit everything in. Fortunately modern cameras are quite good at capturing great images even in quite low light without the need for flash. It is always a great privilege to photograph anyone’s wedding, but it makes it even more special when you have a lovely couple like Wendy and Tony to photograph who made me feel really welcome and seemed to appreciate my efforts to get some great shots for them. As ever the service at Parklands was exceptional and Wendy and Tony very kindly paid for a meal for me which was superb! Below is a selection of some of my favourite images from the day: