Diploma in Photographic Practice – MPA

I had a pleasant surprise in the post today, confirmation that I had qualified for a Diploma in Photographic Practice with the Master Photographers Association. This involved completing six modules to prove that, not only could I take good photographs, but that my business was set up in such a manner that it conforms to all small business legal requirements with regard to insurance, tax reporting, health and safety and customer care etc. This now means that I can use the Master Photographers Association logo and name within my own business branding and that I am listed as a qualified member with the MPA.

I see this as recognition of the fact that I take my business seriously and that my customers come first. The MPA only allow professional full time photographers to be members and are very careful to make sure all their members are capable photographers who act in a proper and professional manner to their clients.

The MPA has a great network of members formed into regional groups, my area being the London and Essex Group, who meet every month to attend lectures by other photographers or industry experts, enter print competitions and receive critiques of their work and in general network with each other to discuss local issues and trends. This is also good for business as we often pass on leads from customers looking for good photographers if we happen to already be booked.

Anyway, I am really proud of the fact that, if I so wish, I can now use the letters ‘LMPA and ‘DipPP’ after my name.

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