Brides Etc – Cover Photo

Recently I was asked by Brides Etc Magazine to provide some wedding photographs that may be suitable for use as a cover photo. Luckily for me they chose one from last year of lovely couple James and Faye Honey-Green. As you can see from the photograph they are both extremely photogenic and very much in love, which helps so much when it comes to wedding photography. Faye has since posed for me again in her wedding dress on a very cold and blustery day down in Kent where she and James live. In fact, I so very much like their pictures that I have used them several times throughout my web site and blog to illustrate my work. Below is a copy of the magazine cover and as far as I am aware you can still pick up a copy at most news agents throughout Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire and East London.

Brides Etc Cover Photo

  • Sorin Iliescu - Simply a gorgeous photo. Well deserved place on the the cover page of the magazine.

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